Streamline all your container operations with AI

COIINS streamlines all container operations by consolidating them into a single, accessible platform, utilizing advanced AI technology. This integration enables efficient management of inspections, trading,  tracking, repairs and data analytics, offering a holistic solution that enhances operational workflow, reduces manual errors, and improves decision-making in container management. 

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Automate all of container operations

This comprehensive automation streamlines processes, enhances operational efficiency, and reduces manual errors, offering a unified solution for container management within a single platform.

Increase team efficiency with AI

COIINS automates container operations by integrating AI technology, which streamlines tasks such as tracking, inspection, and documentation. This automation leads to a more efficient workflow, reducing manual effort and error rates, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency across the maritime logistics sector.

Automate. Integrate. Streamline.

COIINS enhances container operations by automating routine tasks, integrating key containers processes, and streamlining the entire workflow through AI. This comprehensive approach ensures operations are more efficient, reducing manual input and errors, and allowing teams to focus on strategic tasks, leading to increased overall efficiency in the maritime logistics sector.

Accessible through all devices

COIINS is designed with a responsive interface, ensuring it is accessible and fully operational across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This cross-device compatibility allows users in the maritime logistics industry to manage container inspections and operations conveniently, from anywhere, enhancing operational flexibility and responsiveness.

Create an Account

Quick and straightforward, enabling easy access to our comprehensive container management features.

Connect COIINS App

Complete the quick registration or login, and instantly access its full suite of container management features.

Start Automating

Processes, utilizing our advanced features for a more efficient and streamlined workflow in logistics.

Key Features

key features include AI-driven automation for container inspections, real-time tracking and management, seamless cross-device access, comprehensive security measures including malware protection, 24/7 technical support, the ability to accommodate multiple administrators, and an intuitive one-click setup process, all designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of container management operations.

Seamless Integration

Integration into existing maritime logistics systems, enhancing operational efficiency without disrupting current workflows.

Easy to use

User-friendliness in mind, ensuring an intuitive interface that simplifies container management for all users.

Cross Compatibility

Cross-compatibility, ensuring it works seamlessly across different platforms and devices in the maritime logistics ecosystem.


Engineered to be highly scalable, effortlessly accommodating the growing needs of maritime logistics companies of any size.


Prioritizes security, employing advanced encryption and compliance measures to protect data integrity and privacy in maritime logistics operations.

One Click Setup

Simplifying its implementation and integration into existing systems with minimal effort.

The Backbone of seamless operations

¬†Providing an all-encompassing platform for efficient container management and inspection, thereby revolutionizing the industry’s standard practices.


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