We help businesses automate, integrate & streamline

COIINS helps businesses by automating routine container management tasks, integrating seamlessly with existing logistics systems for data consistency, and streamlining operations through advanced AI and analytics. This approach enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and supports decision-making with real-time insights, transforming how businesses handle container logistics.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionizing the maritime and logistics industries through innovation. We enhancing operational efficiencies, ensuring the safety and compliance of container operations, and driving sustainability within the global supply chain. We aims to empower businesses with technology-driven solutions, streamlining their processes and enabling better decision-making through data insights. 

Our Values

COIINS values innovation, efficiency, and reliability, aiming to revolutionize the container logistics industry with cutting-edge technology. We places a strong emphasis on sustainability, striving for environmentally friendly solutions, and customer-centricity, ensuring services meet user needs. Security is paramount, protecting data with robust measures, while collaboration underpins its approach to fostering industry advancements. These core values guide COIINS in delivering exceptional service and achieving our mission in the maritime logistics sector.


We upholds integrity as a cornerstone of our operations, ensuring transparency, ethical practices, and accountability in all aspects of container management and logistics.


We prioritizes privacy, implementing stringent data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of all user information within its container management system.

Customer Support

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support, offering 24/7 assistance to ensure users can effectively manage and optimize their container operations with confidence and ease.


We maintain authenticity in our solutions and interactions, ensuring that our innovative container management services are delivered with genuine care and precision to meet the real-world needs of the maritime logistics industry.

Our Team

 Our team is a dynamic group of professionals with diverse backgrounds in technology, maritime logistics, and business management. They bring together a wealth of experience and expertise, united by a shared vision to transform container management through innovation and efficiency.

Founder, CEO

Co-Founder, CTO

Software Architect

COIINS is the most efficient automation software for containers management to streamline our processes without any hassle. All of our departments communicate smoothly through it.

William Anderson

CEO at Star Containers