All of your container needs in one space

COIINS consolidates all container Inspections and management needs into one comprehensive platform, streamlining logistics operations efficiently.

Automate all of container operations

COIINS automates all aspects of container operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy across the maritime logistics workflow.

Make your Inspection processes efficient

COIINS streamlines container inspection processes by leveraging AI and IoT technologies to automate and enhance accuracy, significantly reducing manual input and error rates.


Our modular approach grants the flexibility needed to serve an extensive range of customer requirements effectively.

Seamless Integration

Integration into existing maritime logistics systems, enhancing operational efficiency without disrupting current workflows.

Easy to use

User-friendliness in mind, ensuring an intuitive interface that simplifies container management for all users.

Cross Compatibility

Cross-compatibility, ensuring it works seamlessly across different platforms and devices in the maritime logistics ecosystem.


Engineered to be highly scalable, effortlessly accommodating the growing needs of maritime logistics companies of any size.


Prioritizes security, employing advanced encryption and compliance measures to protect data integrity and privacy in maritime logistics operations.

One Click Setup

Simplifying its implementation and integration into existing systems with minimal effort.

Malware Protection

Robust malware protection features, safeguarding maritime logistics data against cyber threats and ensuring operational security.

24/7 Technical Support

Ensuring users receive immediate assistance and guidance whenever needed to maintain seamless operations.

Multiple Administrators

Enabling collaborative management and enhanced oversight of maritime logistics operations by various team members.

Accessible through all devices

COIINS is designed with a responsive interface, ensuring it is accessible and fully operational across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This cross-device compatibility allows users in the maritime logistics industry to manage container inspections and operations conveniently, from anywhere, enhancing operational flexibility and responsiveness.